Oh Yorkshire

24 Apr 2015

A few weeks ago me and Nathan went exploring in North Yorkshire, as you know from previous posts I love the Yorkshire Moors, and would love to be able to live there! We had been staying at a castle in Darlington and for our trip back to Hull we'd packed our walking stuff to stop off and explore. We were avoiding having to drive up a place called Sutton Bank (25% incline, nah, no way, not in a 1litre car) and in our detour it meant we accidently stumbled upon a beautiful abbey called Byland Abbey, the views from the abbey with Sutton bank in the background was incredible, it made me so proud to be from Yorkshire. After spending an hour or so walking around the abbey in the sun, we set off to another abbey we saw signs for, Rievaulx abbey. Well this abbey was the most spectacular place, it's so incredible, I cannot believe I've never been before! If you are ever visiting Yorkshire you have to visit this place, its huge and beyond words. We spent hours exploring in the spring sun, I felt so relaxed and happy, its amazing how healing being outside is! 
View from Byland Abbey
 Rievaulx Abbey
  Rievaulx Abbey
Have you visited Yorkshire before?
Much Love 
Natasha x


  1. Your photography is always so beautiful! Yorkshire is such an incredible place, I went to Ilkley last weekend and it was amazing


  2. Gorgeous photographs. I really want to take a trip to Yorkshire now - It looks stunning x


  3. I love your photos! Looks like a lovely trip, I always find some time outdoors relaxing too :)


  4. Great pictures =]


  5. gorgeous photos!


  6. Oooh! Fab photos Natasha :o)
    We love North Yorkshire - we're going away in a few weeks to camp near Helmsley and are planning on visiting the castle and 'Ree-voh' abbey whilst there.
    Seeing these pictures has made me become even more excited now! Hopefully we get some nice weather too! ^_^

    xo Amy | I Am Adorkable


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