DIY: mediterranean "tiled" Dressing table and a look at my new room decor

21 Jun 2015

 It has been a while since I did a DIY which makes me very sad, but I have come back with the BEST DIY that I have ever done on my blog. One night whilst on pinterest, I came across a bohemian/ meditterranean/ morrocan inspired bedroom and that was it,  I was in love so the next day I painted my room white, got a light coloured carpet, and completely re bought all my accessories and bedding.
All I needed was a more authentic feature in  my room, like a tiled dressing table!
My dressing table before I tiled it. 

Did you really think I tiled? I mean I know I can do a lot of DIY projects but tiling is another level. So here comes my secret, vinyl tile decals from Snazzy Decals. These amazing tile decals are perfect for sticking over existing tiles in kitchens and bathrooms as well as using on staircases, or in my case to jazz up a dressing table and mirror. It means you dont have to re-tile and can get a beautiful new look, and save a fortune, as tiles, even wallpaper in this type of design, are normally designer ranges or vintage and the prices are really really high.

 The vinyl tiles peel away from the backing easily
    Line the tile decal up as to where you would like it with only a little bit of the backing peeled back
 Once you have it where you would like it, pull the rest of the back off and smooth the decal down

 And it is that easy!

 I have a glass top on my dresser but the decals are actually waterproof, scratch resistant and protected from fading in the sun. I also put the tiles around my mirror which hid unsightly holes as well as making the space look even more amazing.

 Bright and bold accessories to contrast with the blue and white.
 Beautiful tiled bedding to match

 I am so pleased with how my dressing table looks, the lovely lady who runs Snazzy Decals Pauline, is so helpful, she helps with choosing a design and making them to custom fit. She also offers an amazing service were you can send a photo, for example a photo of the area at the back of your kitchen sink, and she will mock up an image so you can see how it will look before you buy. I highly recommend these vinyl tile decals for an easy update to your home. 
What do you think to the new look in my room, and these tile decals?
Much Love


  1. This looks so gorgeous! I painted one of my walls bright green (I don't know why), three years ago and am so jealous of people will all white walls. I love the picture frames and glass cases too!

    Holly x

  2. such a great idea, I need to find something to do this exact thing. You are so crafty! x

  3. So beautiful, what a wonderful idea! x

    Under Blue Lights

  4. Wow so pretty, those tiles are quite handy arent they =]

  5. I love this - what a great idea!!

  6. As your wife I shall be coming to live there.


  7. This is so lovely! I had to rederoate my room when I moved back to my parents and it was so much fun. I love how mine looks but I wish I had known about these decals - they are so nice! Much easier than tiling too!

    Becky @ GeekGetsGlam xx

  8. Your bedroom looks amazing! I really want to give this a go now!
    Megan x
    London Callings

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  10. Love it Natasha! About to order the old Dutch ones. Great post! Great minds think alike. Like me on Facebook! @therightspacecary


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