11 Sep 2015

OOTD: Autumn Sun

 Im excited for autumn, I feel I can trust the weather more, that its not going to trick me into thinking its boiling hot but then turn into a cold storm 2 hours later. Im excited to wear jackets and this jacket from Luxemme* is perfect for autumn, its really comfortable and is perfect to dress an outfit up,

6 Sep 2015

Adidas Essentials

This is a shock right? No pretty dresses or flowing skirts in this post! I'll be honest I am not a gym person but I love sports gear for when I go for a walk or run so I was delighted when JD Sport contacted me about their new exclusive Adidas range Adidas is brand that I feel you can always trust. I don't normally show my stomach but looking at these photos with the Adidas sports bra I feel pretty damn good! The Adidas Essentials at JD is super comfortable, flattering and the perfect fit. The seams lay flat against the skin, so there is no rubbing, as I know sometimes seams around my hips make my skin sore. I also love that this Adidas essentials kit comes in not only 
black but in a peach colour too!
What do you think to the Adidas kit?
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