31 Oct 2015

 #StayFitDontQuit is campaign Get The Label are running over the colder months to encourage people to stay fit! Summer is loooooong gone and its SO easy to stop being active over winter (and eat all the mince pies) My idea of keeping fit is NOT the gym, I hate the gym, I prefer to be out in the open air, not only are you being active, but you can have an amazing day out, which to me makes staying active really fun and well, makes it seem like you're not even exercising!
A few weeks ago me and Nathan went to the moors for a week and on one day had the most physically demanding day ever, but it was by far one of the best days! We headed to Go Ape in Dalby Forest and did a tree top climb, it took me a few minutes to get the courage to swing across from one platform to another but once I did it, there was no holding me back. Some parts of the course, like climbing a rope net hanging between two trees, I found quite hard, as I have really weak arms, but it felt so good to get to the other side and look back thinking "Yeah girl!!". Also going on a zip wire over the top of a forest has to be one of the best things I have done and to top it off, at one point, it was torrential rain (hence the bad hair) but this made is so much more fun! Obviously for the colder months that cute sports top you have is not going to be suitable for outside, however Get The Label have an excellent selection of warmer active wear at amazing discounted prices! The guys sent me matching Nike bottoms and hoody for my little adventure and it was so warm and cosy! I did have to put my outdoor Cragshopper coat on (which the guys sent me last year)  because of the rain, but with that on I was fine, and the adventure could continue! After we completed the course we decided to go on a long walk through Dalby Forest and ended up on the other side of the forest in the middle of farmland.  It was really foggy and damp but it was such a beautiful day adventuring in an area we'd never been, and doing an activity that was physically demanding but so much fun! Days like that are perfect for #StayFitDontQuit without feeling like you're torturing yourself!


Do you have a fun way of staying fit? let me know, I'd love to hear!!
Much love
Natasha x


  1. I've never been to go ape but would love to when it gets a bit warmer/less wet. I'm so rubbish with outside exercise though, give me a treadmill and I'm happy! xx

    1. oh god the rain makes it even more fun! xx


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