Mothers day idea- Verbena Spa at Feversham arms hotel

29 Feb 2016

 I am so happy to be featuring the Verbena Spa at the luxurious Feversham Arms Hotel in Helmsley, North Yorkshire. Helmsley is a beautiful village and one I often visit (Jacob gets ALOT of attention when he walks around here) Feversham Arms Hotel has this week relaunched its spa after revamping it and they have teamed up with Temple Spa Products. 
As part of the refurbishment work to the spa, which was completed in 2015 by a local business, a new wall was constructed between the lounge area and food service space to create a far more relaxing environment in the spa in keeping with the move towards offering a wellness environment. A new reception area was also created and new flooring was installed. This all followed the arrival of a new state of the art outdoor hot tub, which was put into place earlier in 2015. Also among the upgrades were new soft sofas in the lounge, new tables and chairs in the food and beverage area of the spa, new manicure and pedicure areas and a new shop to display products.
  Charles Merchie, General Manager of the Feversham Arms Hotel and Verbena Spa, said he was delighted at the transformation in the spa  “The new look spa has created a far more usable space for all our spa guests,” he said. “Those wanting to enjoy a refreshing ice tea or a bite to eat during the day can do so without fear of disturbing those who are relaxing between treatments. The atmosphere is even more relaxing than ever before really adding to the luxurious escape we offer here at the Feversham Arms Hotel and Verbena Spa. We have also been able to work in partnership with Temple Spa, which offer a range of truly luxurious products that have been welcomed by all spa guests.”
It looks amazing, in the most beautiful village and the perfect day to take Mum or Grandma!
 Much Love
Natasha x

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