Ox Pasture Hall and the coast

14 Feb 2016

Last weekend me and Nathan were lucky enough to be given the chance to review Ox Pasture Hall near Scarborough. As you know being from Yorskshire we are always shouting about how amazing the Yorkshire Moors is so was really excited to get back to our favourite place! Ox pasture hall is a beautiful luxury Yorkshire hotel situated in stunning grounds with perfect views. The rustic country hotel has a restraunt and cosy bar which is typically Yorkshire, oh and you can bring your dog! However Jacob, who is clearly super popular on the doggy scene, had a play date with his old buddy Berty Basset that weekend. 

Our luxury suite was huge, with a lounge area, bedroom and the most dreamy bathroom.
The guys at the hotel couldn't have been nicer, they were the happiest bunch of people! Our stay at the hotel also included a 3 course meal. So after a very rainy trip to Whitby (hence no Whitby photos)
and a little nap for me on the sofa, we got changed and headed down to dinner. The guy who served us was so friendly and you could tell he just loved his job. The meal included a bottle of Prosecco which I don't normally drink, so I only managed one glass! For starters I had the Yorkshire fish cake with a poached egg and pea puree, it was amazing, honestly I could have had 5 of them for my full meal and been a happy girl. Nathan chose ham hock terrine which he'd never had before but really enjoyed. For our main we both had Steak and chips, which was absolutely gorgeous. I like my steak well done (I know many will gasp at that and shake their head) and it was cooked perfectly, when I ask for steak well done its often either not done enough or basically burnt and I'm sat chewing each piece for 10 minutes. After a small palate cleanser of mango, passion fruit and whisky sour it was time for our dessert. Again we both chose the same as we are both chocoholics when it comes to desserts, and this dessert was definitely created for chocoholics, it was so indulgent and rich - exactly how you want your dessert to be. I have to say I did look like I was going to have a food baby after finishing our meal and that is exactly how I like my meals to be, I'm not a fan of small portions and feeling hungry 2 hours later. Not only was the food amazing, but the service was excellent, it was the perfect romantic meal. After we waddled back to our room, I had a relaxing bath in what must be the worlds biggest bath to be followed by the worlds biggest bed. After a really good nights sleep, we headed down to breakfast and enjoyed fresh croissants and a cooked breakfast which set us on our way for a day on the coast.
We decided to use the close location the coast to our advantage and headed further up to the small fishing villages, rather then heading into seaside resort of Scarborough. Even though the weather wasn't perfect as long as you're wrapped up warm, the Yorkshire Moors and coast is always enjoyable. We've been in hot sunshine, rain and thick fog, and it is always a perfect day. The Moors seem to show a different charm depending on the weather, each as enchanting as the other. One of our favourite places on the coast is Staithes, we've even adventured here late at night across the Moors, getting completely lost to enjoy a meal at the friendly local pub. Unfortunately the sea was really high that day, so we were unable to adventure in the rock pools like normal (trust me they are pretty amazing), but we still had the charm of the little village to soak up. A steep hill leads you into a quaint fishing village, with a small galleries, craft boutiques and a vintage tea room. At the very end of the village is the pub which many years ago disappeared into the sea! It's a friendly place and perfect to sit by the log fire and look out over the rough sea in winter. If you are making a day of the coast, you can work your way up from Scarborough to Robin Hoods Bay, to Whitby then to Staithes. Whitby and Scarbough being the seaside resorts and Staithes and Robin Hoods bay being the charming fishing villages.  Ox Pasture Hall is situated perfectly for this as you will be able to begin at Scarborough and work your way up.
 Our stay at Ox Pasture Hall was the perfect romantic weekend, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants a quiet weekend away in Gods own county ;) 
Have you visited Ox Pasture or the Yorkshire Coast? 
Much Love
Natasha x

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