26 Mar 2016

My guide and tips to Santorini

I am starting to count the days down till my summer holiday already, which this year will be Sorrento and the Amalfi coast, cannot wait! I've been looking over last years photos from Santorini and day dreaming about being in the sun and sea. I realised the other night, I never did a guide/top tips to Santorini, so here it is (better late then never eh?)

25 Mar 2016

Spring thing with Romwe

I'm so excited for spring, I mean just imagine not having to wear a jacket? And wait for it, bare legs! (insert shocked face here) I've been drooling over the Romwe site, which currently has a huge sale on, and imaging up outfits I could wear strolling down blossom lined boulevards in Paris (with a macron or two in hand)

20 Mar 2016

The perfect tulle

 I love tulle, I really love tulle. For some reason I always want to wear tulle when I visit Paris, I think it is the chic outfit. However I am not in Paris, I am in England, but, spring is slowly starting to creep in, and I feel its the perfect time to get the tulle out!

5 Mar 2016

Spring pastels with Sugarhill Boutique

It feels like forever that I did an outfit post, but these past few months have just been really busy, I've had a lot of none fashion brands to work with, my jewellery brand to work on, Ive chopped all my hair off and I've gone and quit being a graphic designer to become a marketing executive in the beauty industry!
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