The perfect tulle

20 Mar 2016

 I love tulle, I really love tulle. For some reason I always want to wear tulle when I visit Paris, I think it is the chic outfit. However I am not in Paris, I am in England, but, spring is slowly starting to creep in, and I feel its the perfect time to get the tulle out!
This tulle skirt cost me roughly £5 from Ebay, and it comes in cream, mint, pink and black. It's perfect, its everything I like in a tulle skirt, I did have to put an underskirt underneath to make it super poofy but a search on ebay found me one for again £5! The length is perfect for me, and I feel its the more "sophisticated" kinda length. I think I will be buying it in black, pink, oh and mint...
Much Love
P.S I've had my hair chopped


  1. So so beautiful Natasha, you look absolutely stunning! Just gorgeous x

  2. This is just perfection, I love the yellow tulle, it's not a colour I've had before- I have tried these awesome bargains though and love them. Where is your top from too, please?
    Gorgeous girl! x

  3. I love tulle too! Unfortunately my bargain eBay one is too small :( you suit your hair shorter chick
    livinginaboxx | bloglovin

  4. links to buy? LINKS TO BUY!?


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