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22 Aug 2016

Holiday season is here, and I for one, am really looking forward to the chance to get away for a few days...again. There is just one problem, if I go somewhere; I am going to have to pack.

Like most people, packing is not my favourite thing. Usually, this simple task takes me far longer than it needs to. This is mostly because I keep changing my mind about what to take. I am forever, packing, unpacking and re-packing my suitcase. When I goto Valencia in september it is going to be different because I am mainly taking dresses. As a result, all I will need to do is to pack the right shoes, and some sort of jacket to wear if the evenings get cool. The great thing about a dress is that it is an outfit in its own right and best of all there is no need to worry about whether it matches with another item of clothing. If you are planning a trip soon, read on to find out more about the type of dresses that are available in the shops, this year. 

Skater dresses
Perhaps one of the most versatile options out there is a skater dress. These above the knee A-line dresses flatter the figure, and give you maximum freedom of movement. They are great to wear during the day while shopping, or touring the sights, but can easily be dressed up for partying in the evening. 

Maxi dresses
This year, maxi dresses are in, so they are available in a dizzying array of cuts, prints and colours. They are mostly made from soft fabrics, which means they are light and do not take up much space in the case.
If you choose the right material, any creases will simply hangout, so they are a great option for travelling. A high quality maxi dress could be just what you are looking for if you want something glamorous to wear in the evening,

T-shirt dresses
Another great option for the beach is the T-shirt dress. They look good, but be careful not to buy one that clings in the wrong places. The fact that they are so stretchy means that they can be a little unforgiving. Because, the fabric is so soft and stretchy it is also a comfortable option for travelling.
I absolutely love these holiday dresses on this site, and you will easily find what you are looking for.
Do not forget to pack one for the beach, a couple for meals out and something for the evening. Just in case it is cool, I plan to take a few tops, a pair of jeans and a cardigan. Luckily I won't have to fit most of these into the suitcase because I will be wearing most of it for the outward leg of my journey.
If you rarely wear dresses and are unsure of what is right for you just click this link. There you will find a full guide to choosing the best cut for your body type.
Much Love 
Natasha x
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  1. I´m so in love with the yellow dress!!
    I´m travel around the world, take a look on my blog.
    love Laura <3

  2. I love skater dresses!!



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