14 Apr 2017

I've started a Project Life youtube channel!

I am really enjoying doing my project life at the moment. Every month I start a new one to document one of our trips and I have been posting process photos on my craft Instagram as well as Project Life Facebook groups, and the feedback has been amazing, really, really encouraging. So I thought hey why not start doing videos! And here it is, it's short and sweet and I hope you like it!


31 Mar 2017

Stepping into Spring

Woah an outfit post! I know right?! I think the milder weather has something to do with making me get up and get out there. But what better way to get back into it with a head to toe Primark outfit.

22 Feb 2017

Disney Project Life

 This year my new years resolution was to do more of what makes me happy, and that heavily involves Project Life. For a few years my stash of supplies had been building in bags, so this year I bought some drawers and organised everything.
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