Stepping into Spring

31 Mar 2017

Woah an outfit post! I know right?! I think the milder weather has something to do with making me get up and get out there. But what better way to get back into it with a head to toe Primark outfit.

Every year when spring comes around, I always end up buying a load of pointed shoes from Primark-   it's the only place I have found that do them that actually don't cripple my feet. I love these peach heeled shoes (my Instagram flatly for these actually ended up on the Primark Insta!) I love that I can wear them with rolled up Mom jeans likethe ones here from Primark, then completely swap them to a little a skater skirt! I've teamed the Mom jeans with a basic stripe t-shirt but kept it that little bit more dressier by adding the shoes. Also how beautiful is this little pastel street in my city Hull? You know I can't resist a pastel building!

Much love
Natasha x


  1. That street is so cute, I thought you were in London at first. Fab little shoes, they look super comfy for walking around too
    livinginaboxx | bloglovin

    1. Haha I must showcase Hull more! They really are, and I have such sensitive wussy feet :p x

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  3. I love this whole outfit - I'm loving seeing everyone's spring style in the past few weeks. You look great in this style of jeans it makes me want to try on a pair <3

    G is for Gingers xx


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