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14 May 2017

Isn't this just the happiest top you have ever seen in your entire life? I can't help but feel like a happy ray of sunshine when I wear this top
I am a huge fan of frills and I actually never wear yellow but this top I was sent from Shein caught my eye the minute I browsed the site. I've teamed it with jeans and worn it with flats and heels-  depending where I am of course. However I am totally feeling like I need a blue gingham skirt to wear with it? It sounds like n awful combination, but I think it'd work. The top is great material, really thick and not static or clingy. I love the texture mixed with the frills to give it that extra hint of quirk, and what I love more is that you're not going to find this top in any stores on the high street, and for £10 its definitely worth it to stand out from the crowd!

What do you think of my yellow top? My mum hates it and thinks I look like Big Bird, but hey I don't remember Big Bird looking this cool ;)
P.S I've gone back auburn and I totally feel more confident! 
Much love
Natasha x

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