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9 Jul 2017

 Summer is officially here and it means I can finally get my super white legs out! I was sent this fabulous cactus (yes cactus) print skirt from the guys over at Romwe.
It is super cute and the perfect cut for me. I love receiving items from Romwe because it means not everyone is walking around in what I am wearing- I'm pretty sure I will not see someone else in this skirt, and I love that! I teamed it with a lose fit blue tshirt because as I've got older (old age of 26) I seem to have grown to hate tight fitting tops, but I still like to show that I have a waist, so will always took my top into my jeans or skirt. Also a shout out to my amazing sunglasses that I picked up at Primark, I've never loved a pair of sunglasses as much as I have loved these, they are so sparkly when the sun hits them!

 Much Love 
Natasha x


  1. This is such a beautiful skirt!! ^_^ You look amazing!
    Kinga xx


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