Why I've come back to blogging

6 May 2018

I used to blog all the time, working with amazing brands and really enjoying myself, but it got to the point were I needed to take a step back from blogging. You see I do this amazing thing were I take on about 4278 hobbies and projects along side working full time, my own online store and generally living. However lately I've been really missing it, and I've decided it's time to step back into the blogging world, I love creating content to share, I mean, I am a bit of a "I just need to do this for my Instagram"  kinda girl. But blogging also gives you a little confidence boost, it really helps you to drop the "but do I look a fool wearing this" attitude, and I think we all have those days!

This weekend has had the most amazing weather, I mean how happy do you feel in a morning when you wake up and see those blue skies and feel that sun?! This beautiful netted dress with lace detail flowers arrived last week, and I knew it was the dress I wanted to wear for a blog post (my mum said I looked like a garden fairy- winner!) Me and Nathan really wanted to get across that summer whimsical feel, and these glorious yellow fields where the perfect location. I was a little worried when I ordered the dress because of it being quite a nude pink shade, and being so fair nude is really not my colour, but it has enough of a pink tint with enough detail for me to not look like I'm naked! I feel really feminine and pretty wearing this dress, teamed with a pair of baby blue points it would make the perfect dress to wear to a wedding

Much Love
Natasha x

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