I'm a 27 year old from Yorkshire working as a designer and marketing executive in the beauty industry. I have a strong background in design and a huge passion for social media. With skills such as design, art direction, photography and styling, I am always ready to take on any challenge.  Along side being a designer in the industry I have always blogged giving me a great understanding of social media and the workings of a blogger. I have been able to work with amazing brands on my blog, as well as amazing brands in my design career. If you are looking for a designer or need someone to create content or art direction for your brand don't be afraid to get in touch!



  1. you sound like the perfect bestmate!:} !!:D

  2. I'm also from yorkshire! :)
    Would you like to tell me how you have done your blog design?
    I love it and would like one the same-ish!
    If you could contact me at alicedickinsonx@hotmail.co.uk, that would be great!
    Thanks xx
    alicekatex ♥


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